Alpine May Newsletter

2018 Alpine Program End Of The Year Awards

Best Skier Award:

Male FIS Team Skier Of The Year: Holden Parazette
Female FIS Team Skier Of The Year: BB Hall

Male U16 Team Skier Of The Year: Oliver Parazette
Female U16 Team Skier Of The Year: Sophia Tozzi

Male U14 Team Skier Of The Year: CG Woiwode
Female U14 Team Skier Of The Year: Annika Howard

Male U12 Team Skier Of The Year: Kyle Bessette
Female U12 Team Skier Of The Year: Tegan Ritter

Male U10 Team Skier Of The Year: Jaden D'Amours
Female U10 Team Skier Of The Year: Taryn Moe

Male 2DRT Team Skier Of The Year: Finn Cameron
Female 2DRT Team Skier Of The Year: Scarlet Amdor

Sportsmanship Award: 

Male U16 Sportsmanship Award: Grant Hagen
Female U16 Sportsmanship Award: Carey Ritter

Male U14 Sportsmanship Award: Owen Janssen
Female U14 Sportsmanship Award: Sidney Nash

Male U12 Sportsmanship Award: Nate Pruzan
Female U12 Sportsmanship Award: Cecelia Bruno

Male U10 Sportsmanship Award: Ashton Ritter
Female U10 Sportsmanship Award: Ruby Hoelscher

Male 2DRT Sportsmanship Award: Case Hopple
Female 2DRT Sportsmanship Award: Maggie Holland

Most Improved Award: 

Male U16 Most Improved Award: Nick Janssen
Female U16 Most Improved Award: Morgan Kilmain

Male U14 Most Improved Award: Alex Klomparens
Female U14 Most Improved Award: Taylor Glick

Male U12 Most Improved Award: Noah Parazette
Female U12 Most Improved Award: Savannah Kenney

Male U10 Most Improved Award: Teddy Peightal
Female U10 Most Improved Award: Addison Binstadt

Male 2DRT Most Improved Award: Angus Spankie
Female 2DRT Most Improved Award: Madeleine Holland

Mt. Hood Summer Camps

We are having two camps this Summer at Mt. Hood. We have 13 athletes from U10 to U14 committed to late June Camp and eight U16 athletes for July Camp.
We will work on gate training, drills, technic, balance, coordination, physical preparedness, etc.

Summer Dryland

This year we are again offering dryland in the summer and fall for older groups. This is great opportunity for athletes to prepare them self for the season.
Please communicate with Seppi Stiegler regarding dryland:

Housing for Alpine Program Director

Branko Zagar our Alpine Program Director is in a housing crises. His current lease expire on June 15 and he needs new accommodation. He and his wife are looking for a 2 bedroom home, 1 bedroom could work and three bedrooms could work for the right price.  They are open to apartments and condos but would prefer a house or cabin with a garage as they need plenty of storage space. They are looking to stay in the Jackson/ Wilson area and are in the need of pet friendly property since they have two dogs. Their budget is preferably $2000-$2500, but can go up to $3000. They are open to be care takers for a property. You can email to or call or text him at 530-416-1195
Thank you for helping!!!