Alpine July Newsletter

October Europe Trip

Alpine program is adding a Europe trip for our U16 and FIS athletes. We are headed to Hintertux, Austria from October 7th to 18th. We will spend eight days on snow training SL and GS and we will also explore surrounding areas including Innsbruck and Munich. Hintertux is one of the premier summer race training options in Europe. This is great opportunity for athletes to explore new cultures and have great experience. 

Mt. Hood Camps

This summer Alpine program is spending three weeks in Mt Hood, OR. With older groups we are back to team travel with younger group we are still on "Dat Camp" program.
On snow we are working on fundamentals off and on course, we are spending hours focusing on proper athletic stance (ankle and knee flexion, hips up and forward, wide stance, etc), use of all four edges, being on down hill ski, quiet upper body, pole plant, etc. We are doing drills while free skiing, with stubbies, brushes and in gates. In the afternoons we do activities like playing soccer, hiking, Paintball games and mountain biking. For sure Lots of FUN!!!!
Quote from Mark Engel our new FIS coach "I'm excited to go to Mt. Hood and get on snow and learn how each of the athletes is skiing, so I can develop a program for each athlete to improve their individual skills."

Physical conditioning

Our FIS and U16 athletes are running year round dryland every week from Monday to Friday. We are meeting every morning at 8:00am at Snow King. 
At the end of June we conducted USS&S SkillsQuest Phycical Test. We had 13 athletes and some outstanding performances. Grant Hagen scored 71 on Box jump and Liam Logan scored 66 as first year U16.
Quote from Mark Engel our new FIS Head coach "It's been fun working with the program at Jackson so far! I've enjoyed meeting and working with the FIS and U16 athletes at dryland, and I'm looking forward to getting to know all the athletes better throughout the summer."

Upcoming events: 

Internal Swap - It will be on Thursday in late September, a week before Fit Night in Snow King Lodge room
Fit Night - Monday in late September or early October
September 29th - FIS team meeting
October 4th - U16 team meeting
October 20th - U14 team meeting
October 21st - U12 team meeting
October 22nd - U10 team meeting
November 3rd - 2Day team meeting
November 5th-14th - U14, U16 and FIS Colorado Camp
December 2nd - Rockchuck Racers team meeting

Alpine Race Schedule is available on IMD web page LINK

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