Alpine July Newsletter

Alpine Mt. Hood Summer Camps

Morgan Kilmain

This summer Alpine program is spending three weeks in Mt Hood, OR. We have 35 athletes participating in our camps, which is a huge jump from last years 22. On snow we are working on fundamentals off and on course, we spend hours and hours focusing on proper athletic stance (ankle and knee flexion, hips up and forward, wide stance, etc), use of all four edges, being on down hill ski, quiet upper body, pole plant, etc. We did drills while free skiing, with stubbies, brushes and in gates. In the afternoons we did activities like playing soccer, hiking and had a lots of fun. 

Younger group having fun 

Some fun on off time

Coaches having some fun!!!

Athletes getting better!!!

Upcoming events: 

September 26th - Internal Swap
September 30th - Fit Night
October 10th - FIS team meeting
October 15th - U16 team meeting
October 16th - U14 team meeting
October 23rd - U12 team meeting
October 24th - U10 team meeting
October 24-27 - Matt Schiler boot fitting
October 30th - Ref clinic 
November 6th - 2Day team meeting
November 8th-17th - Colorado Camp
November 28th - NGS team meeting


We are running our year round dryland from Monday to Friday for FIS and U16 athletes. Until school start we are meeting every morning at 8:30am at Snow King.
U14's will start with two days a week Dryland on September 2nd
U12's will start on September 16th
U10's will start on October 1st
We will have our annual conditioning testing before school starts. 

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