Alpine January Newsletter

Happy New Year!!!

This December came with many obstacles. No snow and Not cold enough temperatures made it very challenging. After traveling to Colorado in November and December with older groups in search for good training conditions, now in early January it feels like it will not stop snowing. 
We are very grateful that JHMR offered us the opportunity to have all our programs ski and train at their resort. Even with a huge project over this summer, Snow King also managed to prepare their runs by the end of December. 
In early January we held a Western Region FIS event with over 150 U18 and older athletes. I want to THANK all the volunteers who came out and help started the race season successfully. 
Let's all keep abiding by Covid protocols and have fun on the slopes. 

SL training day at Snow King. Late December 2022

Program updates: 

FIS Team: 

We worked hard in the fall to prepare for the season, on the hill in Austria and Colorado, and off the hill during dryland training. Now the race season is upon us, and we are working hard to maintain strength, develop technique, and improve race day performance. January and February, we will focus on performing our best at the Western Region FIS circuit. Performing well in this series can earn racers a spot at a variety of championship events later in the season.

U16 Team: 

Our early season Colorado camp has been very productive.Early winter conditions in Colorado are making for excellent training. Between Thanksgiving and Christmas we skied at JHMR. Our primary plan was slalom freeskiing/fundamentals. The first  U16 race will be Wes Barron  SG at JHMR from January 14-17

U14 Team: 

We have been able to get some quality training in the last couple of weeks.  We had excellent Sl training at JHMR before Christmas and were able to get on SK after that.  For many athletes we had to Snowbird for our first Qualifiers at Snowbasin.  Hopefully things will continue to improve at Snowking and we will be able to diversify our training in the future.  

U12 Team: 

In November the nU12 athletes had a chance to do a Dryland training, working on speed, balance, coordination and core strengthening. 
In December we started to free skiing mainly in JHMR, we mixed with drills to make a building block for SL and GS. The last week iof December the U12 athletes started to train SL with stubbies and later the tall gates with an introduction to combinations and change of rhythm.
As of now we skied on GS skis once and worked on producing smooth arcs, our next challenge is going to discover the ideal line on the course in the coming days and be ready for our first GS race an Snow king on January 8th

U10 Team: 

The U10 program had a great December back on snow. With the late opening at Snowking, we increased our Teton Village days to both Saturday and Sunday, and the athletes had a blast getting to free ski and ease back into the winter season. We are now enjoying our traditional weekday evenings at Snowking, and the next generation of JHSC students are finding their love for gate training and racing at the town hill. 

2 Day Team: 

The 2 Day program has been rolling along this 21'-22' ski season and its been nice to get to know everyone on the team! With Snow King finally opening as well and all lifts at JHMR spinning we are finally full speed ahead!! Thanks again for all the patience early season with limited terrain options, as well as juggling coaches being out due to Covid. 
Early season we have been working on building skiing relationships with teammates, working on our ski etiquette in terms of riding chair lifts, looking up hill before traversing, staying with the team, as well as where to stop and the responsibility code as a whole. We have also been working on getting kids comfortable with hockey stops vs. snow plow stops, working on getting more forward in our boots, as well as working on using our poles/upper body effectively in turns. 
We will be setting up some courses in the following weeks and will be getting more focused with drills as well as technique while remembering the most important thing of keeping it fun for everyone. Keeping it fun and cultivating a love/desire to ski more is my main goal right now for most kids!
Thanks for everyone playing their part, excited for what the next few weeks will bring with everything operating normally now.

Rockchuck Team: 

The Rockchuck racers started off their season with two warm-up weekends on the magic carpet at the base of Snow King. It’s been great to connect as a group and get to know one another. We are excited the snow arrived over the holiday and the King is filling in. We are looking forward to having the full mountain open so we can explore the new terrain together. Our focus for the next few weeks will be improving our athletic stance, ankle flexion, acrobatic airtime, bump skiing and weight over the downhill ski. Fired up winter has arrived! 

Heather Noble volunteering at WR FIS Series in January 2022

Volunteering opportunities: 

Schedule of events: 
- IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 @ JHMR
- IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 @ Snow King
- Parent-Kid Dual SL on Mar 5 @ Snow King
- Jackson Downhill on Mar 12-14 @ JHMR
- Tri Divisional Champs on Mar 24-27 at JHMR

For volunteering opportunities go to:

Email to with any questions

Mark Engel preparing gates for WR FIS Series

Alpine Teams Race Schedules: 

WR Elite FIS SL and GS on Dec 19-22 at Snow King
WR ENL FIS on Jan 2-5 at Snow King
WR Elite SL and GS on Jan 10-15 in Sun Valley
IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR
WR Devo FIS SL and GS on Jan 20-13 at Big Sky
WR Elite FIS SL and GS on Feb 1-4 in Park City and Snow Bird
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
WR Elite/Devo SG and DH on Feb 14-19 at Schweitzer
WR Devo SL and GS on Feb 28 to Mar 3 location TBD
WR Junior Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 12-17 at Mission Ridge
WR Elite Spring Series SL and GS on Apr 5-10 at Squaw and Alpine
WR Sping Series SG and DH on Apr 19-22 in Mammoth

IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR (Qualifier) 
IMD U16 Qualifier SL and GS on Jan 28-30 at Snowbird
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
IMD U16 Qualifier SL and GS on Feb 25-27 in Sun Valley
WR U16 Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 14-17 at Big Sky
Tri Divisional Champs SL and GS on Mar 24-27 at JHMR
IMD Snow Cup SL, GS and SG on Mar 31 to Apr 5 at Snowbird

IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR  
IMD U14 Qualifier SL and GS on Jan 7-9 at Snowbird
IMD U14 Qualifier SG on Feb 11-14 at Snowbasin
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
IMD U14 Qualifier SL and GS on Mar 4-6 at Park City
WR U14 Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 24-27 in Mammoth

U12 and U10: 
North Series GS on Jan 15-16 at Targhee
North Series SL on Feb 5-6 at Rotarun in Sun Valley
North Series 4-Way Feb 25-27 at McCall
IMD Champs SL and GS on Mar 17-20 at Sun Valley
IMD Finals Sl and GS on Mar 26-27 at Snowbird

Club Series: 
Jan 8th Snow King Caroline Classic GS
Jan 29th Targhee SL
Feb 5th Flamingo Cup GS - White Pine 
Feb 26th JHMR SL
Mar 6th Snow King Parent-Kid Dual SL

Athletes participating in Avalanche Course

Coaches Roster: 

Here is 2021/22 season Alpine program staff roster: 
Branko Zagar  Alpine Program Director /
Mark Engel - Head FIS Coach /
Whitney Gardner - FIS Coach
Ned Lazarevic - U16 Head Coach /
Kristin Waddle  - U16 Coach
Vidar Widing - U16 Coach
Al Collin-Claussen  - U14 Head Coach /
Jamie Stone  - U14 Coach
Amelia Adams - U14 Coach
Amelia Volk - U14 Coach
Tim Warren - U14 Coach
Neiko Razinger  - U12 Head Coach /
Jenny Allen  - U12 Coach
Turner Brett - U12 Coach
Matt Beauregard  - U10 Head Coach /
Charlotte Hadley - U10 Coach
Caroline Daley - U10 Coach
Sam Erhard - U10 Coach
Tait Bjornsen - U10 Coach
Rick Lawler  - 2 Day Head Coach /
Dan Carson - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Maylia Lohman - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Bailey Pugh - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Brendan Levine - Rockchuck Racers Head Coach /
Katie Marsh - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Tim Zagar - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Meta Zagar - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Fern Comeau  - Master Head Coach
Lexie Drechsel - Fill in Coach
BB Hall - Fill in Coach

Quote of the month: 

SWIX Newsletter: 

Welcome to the 2022 Alpine racing season!

We have turned the calendar over to a new year and with that we look forward to a fresh
season of racing. Many of you have already participated in inter-club races or your first
USSA/F.I.S. races of the year and I am sure some of you have been surprised by equipment
problems or failures.
Entering the new race season there are a few things that you should be aware of when it comes
to managing your equipment. Many of you have already properly prepped your skis for the
season, taking them to a reputable ski service shop for the initial setup and mount.
Beyond basic tuning it is important to look over tiny details for a successful season.
An athlete should take a few moments to inspect their equipment to eliminate any potential
problems that may arise on race day. The issues that we will go over are easy to address
problems and should become a regular pre-race ritual.
Here is an equipment check list before you race.
1. Check your boots buckles and fixation points, make sure all screws are tight.
2. Double check your bindings- make sure the bindings are mounted in the same position
between your race and training skis and make sure lifters and screws are tight.
3. Check you boot in your binding system, make sure adjustments are correct.
4. Check your spring tension settings, make sure they are in the correct position.
5. Look over your skis, make sure there are no cracks, breaks or bends along the length of
the skis sidewall and edge.
6. Take a run on your “race skis”, many people do not train on their race skis and are
surprised that they don’t ski well during their race run.
7. Sharpen with the SWIX EVO Edger.
8. Select your SWIX race wax of the day, try out the NEW SWIX PRO Non-Fluoro Liquid
Spray Waxes.
Remember, taking a few moments to look over your equipment will not only help you avoid an
unpleasant race day experience, but it may also keep you from being injured while racing.
Take care of yourself, stay warm and go fast!
How to access the Jackson Hole Ski Team- Key Partnership SWIX purchase opportunity.
Remember- You must first register an account, then sign-in under that account.  Please follow the
steps below!
Please follow this link-

1. Register an account under your email address using the code in the next bullet point, specific to
your Team/Jackson Hole-
2. club-jack-1rn3qzYd
3. You will need to register your first and last name, email address, then create a password of
seven letters and one number (containing 1 lower and 1 upper case letter).
Once you register, then you can login and enjoy your hard coded Key Partnership SWIX discount. I hope
everything is going well and thanks for all the support!
Graham Lonetto
SWIX Alpine Director