Alpine February Newsletter

Alpine February Newsletter

The JHSC Alpine teams have been very busy whether you are a FIS or Rockchuck athlete! With February now upon us below we will get an update from each team in the Alpine Program! With the limited snow fall the Alpine Team has been able to provide the athletes with great training locally! We do wish for more snow soon, but we have been making the best of it!


FIS Team

Mattias Wilson returned from World Junior Championships in France where he represented the USA in SG & DH! He not only qualified for this event but was on the podium for U18s! Congrats Mattias, great job!

Mattias Wilson takes 1st in U18 Downhill
Photo Collage Credit: Benny Wilson on FB

FIS has capitalized on the great training at Snow King this month and was able to host a successful GS series for the Western region. Where Noah Parazette placed third for U18 Men. A group of athletes raced in the first race on the new venue at the UOP for the University of Utah FIS University races. The Devo athletes traveled to Palisades Tahoe for a great series. Each athlete had great breakthroughs of their own accord. The remaining athletes have been racing and training in the East. Kye Bassette placed third for U18 Men at Waterville Valley, NH.  -Marissa Haase

FIS at Donner Lake

U16 Team

The u16’s crew is working hard and having fun! This season thus far we have seen great improvement throughout all aspects of the sport.  

Their mental game and physical performance improvements have been an inspiring site to see! 

The athletes train hard and race well, because of this, athletes have received multiple top 10 results in recent races. When we aren’t racing or training, the team has fun tearing it up free skiing free skiing at JHMR. Even though the snow year isn’t quite like last, we still manage to have a blast on some fat skis! The team as a whole is working very well together, and the sportsmanship and camaraderie is creating a great team culture!  -Maci St.Cyr

U16s gather together at Wes Barron

U14 Team

In the latest from the Jackson Hole Ski Club U14 Alpine Team, our journey kicked off with some serious highs at the Snowking races. Taryn Moe set the pace, securing 1st in GS and a solid 2nd in SL at the Snowking Qualifier. Adding to the team's success, Phoebe Faris claimed 4th place in the GS, while Elle Brooke secured 10th place. On the men's side, Henry Schrauder claimed 8th place – the entire team's performance was great!

Transitioning to the Wes Barron Super-G races at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Taryn Moe kept the momentum rolling with a 4th on the second race and a 3rd on the third race, battling it out with both U14s and U16s. it's about the collective grit and drive of our entire team.

Looking ahead, the team is pumped for the Super-G race at Targhee Ski Resort and the final qualifier at Park City. The excitement is real, not just for personal victories but for the unity and strength of the whole crew. IMD Regional Team and IMD Tri Divisional Team dreams are alive and in the mix too. Get ready for more outstanding performances as our U14 Alpine Team keeps tearing it up on the slopes!  -Jamie Stone


U12 Team

The Alpine U12 team has had a busy January. The month began with some awesome powder skiing at both JHMR and Snow King. After a dry start to the winter, the athletes were thrilled to catch some air and get some snow in their faces. The final two weekends of January were full of racing as we enter the busiest part of the season. First was the IMD North Series GS qualifier at Grand Targhee, where we had 48 U12s racing. The team spirit was on fire and we saw podium appearances for Alet Japel, Francesca Lynch, Zach Lighthart, and Benedict Zorkendorfer. We ended January with a stubby slalom race at Grand Targhee from which many of our athletes went home with medals around their necks. The U12s will be taking their talents all over Idaho in February, and are sure to keep representing the JHSC in a big way. -Turner Brett

Franny L. Targhee Club Series

U10 Team

The U10 Team has had a busy few weeks of racing, training, and making the most of how much fun skiing truly is! We kicked off January with our first North Series IMD race at Targhee quickly followed by a Stubby Club Series at Targhee the following weekend. Many U10 athletes raced for the first time ever and we could not have been prouder of the effort, tenacity, and teamwork our athletes displayed. Some exciting results were had at both races as well: Sally Decker, Natalie Gorski, Adeline Frye, Duncan Cameron, Gigi Hession, Hadley Macmillan, Jackson Bacon, Arlo Souter, Henry Kirk, Macks Lyster, and Ian Cozzens represented JHSC on the podium. We are looking forward to upcoming races and continuing our snow dances here on the U10 team! -BB Hall

Stanley S. at Targhee Club Series

2 Day Team

Alpine 2 Day Team showing smiles and having fun!

The 2 Day crew has been having a blast splitting time between Snow King and the Village! We’ve been practicing our best turns training GS and slalom on Wednesdays, shredding the course, and getting prepped for some podium finishes while having fun. This past week, I encouraged the kids to let out the loudest noise they could make at the start gate to get them hyped up - I heard a lot of barks and meows but it seemed to do the trick! We’ve been ripping tram and gondola laps in the village (fueled by skittles) where we get out of our comfort zone and hit moguls, shred through trees and hit the Stash Park and Daily Drop plenty of times. Us coaches have seen tons of improvement over the course of two months and are stoked for the rest of the season. We’ve got a race coming up in February, and the kids can’t wait to send Corbet’s at the end of the year and reward themselves with waffles!  -Liv Arneson


Rockchuck Team

The Rockchuck Racer’s AKA The Rockchucker’s have been having a great season so far! We fill our Saturday trainings with lots of ski laps scouting out jumps, riding the frozen wave (or whale tail) at the bottom of Exhibition, going through the tunnel magic carpet, racing the pink gondola to the bottom, enjoying hot cocoa on cold days, calling drops in the mini park, naming new secret runs through the woods and lunch time tag if we have any energy left. This is all done while working on being in the fronts of our boots, in a balanced athletic stance, and managing steeper terrain.  -Jenny Patterson


Coach Shoutout:

Coaches Keely Kelleher & Scotty Veenis welcomed baby Holt in this world on January 4th! Congratulation’s Keely & Scotty! He is one lucky little guy!




Feb 17 -19 : FIS ELITE SERIES at Snow King

Mar 2-8 : U18 NATIONALS at Snow King March 2-3 & JHMR March 4-8

Mar 10 : Parent/Athlete Dual Panel Slalom Club Series at Snow King

Mar 15-17 : JH Downhill at JHMR