Alpine December Newsletter

We are on snow!!!

JHSC U14, U16 and FIS teams skiing at Loveland in Early November

After a long summer and fall with physical conditioning and skiing in Austria and Colorado we are finally skiing back in Jackson.
All of our 200 athletes will be skiing in early December. Right now we are skiing at JHMR with all programs except Rockchuck. Conditions are good and will only get better!!
At this early season we will pay attention to having fun, safety and skiing fundamentals. As Snow King opens we will progress into gate training. 

JHSC U14 group at WR Speed camp in Copper Mountain in early December

Race schedule changes: 

With no snow in our area we were forced to make some changes to our home event schedule. We moved Elite FIS race to December 19th to 22nd and we moved Sean Nurse to February 12th to 15th. We had to do that to get couple more days to make snow and make sure we can have safe and quality races. 

Taylor Glick and Carey Ritter training SL at JHMR on Dec 3rd

Volunteering oportunities: 

Here is UPDATED schedule of events: 
- WR Elite FIS SL and GS on Dec 19-22 @ Snow King
- WR ENL FIS on Jan 2-5 @ Snow King
- IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 @ JHMR
- Caroline Classic GS on Jan 8th @ Snow King
- IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 @ Snow King
- Parent-Kid Dual SL on Mar 5 @ Snow King
- Jackson Downhill on Mar 12-14 @ JHMR
- Tri Divisional Champs on Mar 24-27 at JHMR

For volunteering opportunities go to:

Alpine Gate Judge Video

Email to with any questions

Coaches Roster: 

Mark and Whitney at JHMR

Even though there are many people working behind the scenes at JHSC, coaches are the bread and butter of our Alpine program's success. Here is 2021/22 season Alpine program staff roster: 
Branko Zagar  Alpine Program Director /
Mark Engel - Head FIS Coach /
Whitney Gardner - FIS Coach
Ned Lazarevic - U16 Head Coach /
Kristin Waddle  - U16 Coach
Vidar Widing - U16 Coach
Al Collin-Claussen  - U14 Head Coach /
Jamie Stone  - U14 Coach
Amelia Adams - U14 Coach
Amelia Volk - U14 Coach
Tim Warren - U14 Coach
Neiko Razinger  - U12 Head Coach /
Jenny Allen  - U12 Coach
Turner Brett - U12 Coach
Matt Beauregard  - U10 Head Coach /
Charlotte Hadley - U10 Coach
Caroline Daley - U10 Coach
Sam Erhard - U10 Coach
Tait Bjornsen - U10 Coach
Rick Lawler  - 2 Day Head Coach /
Dan Carson - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Maylia Lohman - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Bailey Pugh - 2 Day Race Team Coach
Brendan Levine - Rockchuck Racers Head Coach /
Katie Marsh - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Tim Zagar - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Meta Zagar - Rockchuck Racers Coach
Fern Comeau  - Master Head Coach
Lexie Drechsel - Fill in Coach
BB Hall - Fill in Coach

Alpine teams having a safety talk with JHMR Ski Patrol

Alpine Teams Race Schedules: 

WR Elite FIS SL and GS on Dec 19-22 at Snow King
WR ENL FIS on Jan 2-5 at Snow King
WR Elite SL and GS on Jan 10-15 in Sun Valley
IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR
WR Devo FIS SL and GS on Jan 20-13 at Big Sky
WR Elite FIS SL and GS on Feb 1-4 in Park City and Snow Bird
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
WR Elite/Devo SG and DH on Feb 14-19 at Schweitzer
WR Devo SL and GS on Feb 28 to Mar 3 location TBD
WR Junior Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 12-17 at Mission Ridge
WR Elite Spring Series SL and GS on Apr 5-10 at Squaw and Alpine
WR Sping Series SG and DH on Apr 19-22 in Mammoth

IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR (Qualifier) 
IMD U16 Qualifier SL and GS on Jan 28-30 at Snowbird
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
IMD U16 Qualifier SL and GS on Feb 25-27 in Sun Valley
WR U16 Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 14-17 at Big Sky
Tri Divisional Champs SL and GS on Mar 24-27 at JHMR
IMD Snow Cup SL, GS and SG on Mar 31 to Apr 5 at Snowbird

IMD Wes Barron on Jan 14-17 at JHMR  
IMD U14 Qualifier SL and GS on Jan 7-9 at Snowbird
IMD U14 Qualifier SG on Feb 11-14 at Snowbasin
IMD Sean Nurse SL and GS on Feb 12-15 at Snow King
IMD U14 Qualifier SL and GS on Mar 4-6 at Park City
WR U14 Champs SL, GS and SG on Mar 24-27 in Mammoth

U12 and U10: 
North Series GS on Jan 15-16 at Targhee
North Series SL on Feb 5-6 at Rotarun in Sun Valley
North Series 4-Way Feb 25-27 at McCall
IMD Champs SL and GS on Mar 17-20 at Sun Valley
IMD Finals Sl and GS on Mar 26-27 at Snowbird

Club Series: 
Jan 8th Snow King Caroline Classic GS
Jan 29th Targhee SL
Feb 5th Flamingo Cup GS - White Pine 
Feb 26th JHMR SL
Mar 5th Snow King Parent-Kid Dual SL

Quote of the month

SWIX December Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the 2021-22 winter season!

SWIX is again, very happy to partner with your program to bring you the most comprehensive collection of ski tuning gear and performance waxing supplies to meet your budget and performance level.

For 2021-22 SWIX continues to advance the PRO Fluoro Free wax line-up…  SWIX is one of the few wax companies to offer a three-tiered wax system to meet your tuning budget and performance level.  The SWIX PRO Wax System is, of course Fluoro Free, but also bio-degradable, non-toxic and ECO friendly.  However, the best part of the SWIX PRO system is its FAST!

SWIX has spent the last two years perfecting our recipes for our PRO Fluoro Free Wax System through an industry leading, International Test Team.  This team is comprised of a Nordic and Alpine staff that is continuously testing, modifying, and re-testing formulas to make sure our new Fluoro Free waxes outperform our old, Fluoronated Cera Nova waxes, that people know so well.   

That’s right!  The old Cera Nova Wax System has been used as the base line standard for speed!  The PRO Wax System is regularly outperforming the fluoro waxes!  As of today, SWIX has conducted over 800 field tests confirming the performance of the new PRO Wax System.

The New PRO Wax system is very similar to the old Cera Nova structure- Here is the overall system replacement-

  • TS or Top Speed waxes- Replace HF
  • HS or High Speed waxes- Replace LF
  • PS or Performance Speed waxes- Replace CH

TS waxes- When every 10th of a second counts.

HS waxes- Race wax on a budget.

PS waxes- General training waxes.

Additionally, the PRO Fluoro Free Wax System comes in three easy to use applications.  PRO Liquid, Powder, and standard Paraffin applications.

  • Paraffin- The standard “bar” waxes you know so well (40g, 180g and 900g).
  • Liquid- HS and TS liquid application (for best result buff with SWIX Roto-Fleece).
  • Powders- Easy to use, SWIX Marathon (Black and White) TSP (Top Speed Powder).

SWIX took a system approach to cover all the options for our users.  Price point, application and top performance are always at the front of our thought when creating the fastest product possible.

SWIX continues to push the new PRO Wax System and new products are continually being developed and introduced to our line.  Please look to future SWIX emails for new products and fast, Fluoro Free additions!

Thanks, and SWIX is looking forward to helping you achieve your racing goals for the 2021-22 season!