Alpine December Newsletter

Season started!!!

After long Fall that many our athletes spend in Colorado all nearby ski resorts are open and we are all on snow training gates at Snow King and free skiing at JHMR. 

U16 group skiing at Snow King

2 Day team at JHMR

Martin Wilcox and Mr. Deer at Snow King

FIS Team Race update: 

In the month of November and early December some of our FIS athletes were competing in Colorado: 
At Nor Am Cup slaloms Oliver Parazette finished 37th which was the first time he has qualified for a second run in a Nor Am. On Friday he finished 34th just outside of earning cup points. Well done. Bridger Harrison did not make the finish line at Nor Am slaloms as the challenging race venue put more than half the men's field out both days. 
At the Copper NPS/Open super G's, Sophia Tozzi and Paige Doyle completed in their first FIS races. Paige finished her first race in 15th place as the top first year(2003 YOB) athlete. In the second race, Sophia edged out Paige to finish 21st after hitting the A-net in the first race. Both girls scored personal best results by a huge margin. For the boys, Spencer Wright finished the second race in 8th place. Spencer was the top Junior and American finisher. Bridger finished 19th and 23rd. 
Oliver Parazette will be competing in Beaver Creek for the National Performance series. He will race two GS's and two SL's among the top Junior FIS racers in the nation. 
Our FIS team will be competing at Snow King from December 14th until 23rd for Western Region Open and Sean Nurse Memorial. 

2019/20 JHSC FIS squad

Alpenhof partnership

As part of this partnership we will be using a room beneath the restaurant in the Alpenhof on weekends. It is a big room that will fit all of us and it will help athletes change into their boots in the morning, it will be our lunchroom and will let us change at the end of the day. We will have coaches there in the mornings to greet athletes and help them with directions. The Alpine program room is on the Main floor on the left side of the building. Hotel lobby is of limits. We will also be able to leave backpacks in here while skiing, there is a ski rack right at the entrance on the far left or North side of the building. We can’t leave anything overnight and there is no restroom for us to use in the building. All athletes and coaches should use JHMR public restrooms 200 feet away behind the ticketing booths. We will held another Apres parent-coach event in January.


For volunteering opportunities go to:

Alpine Volunteer opportunities: 

- We will need volunteers for all Alpine events organized by JHSC: 
      - 12/14-18 Western Region FIS Open Tech Series (3 days of SL and 2 Days of GS for 16 years and older - both genders) / Snow King
      - 12/20-23 USSA Sean Nurse Memorial (2 days of SL and 2 Days of GS for 13 years and older - both genders) / Snow King
      - 1/4 Club Series - Caroline Classic (Local GS race for U14 and younger athletes) / Snow King
      - 1/10-12 Wes Barron Speed Series ( 3 days of SG for 13 years and older - both genders) / JHMR    
      - 1/18-20 IMD U14 Qualifier (2 days of SL and 1 day of GS for U14 athetes - both genders) / Snow King
      - 3/22 Club Series - Parent/Athlete Dual SL (Local race for U14 and younger athletes) / Snow King
      - 3/13-15 Jackson Downhill (3 days of local DH racing) - JHMR
      - 3/17-22 WR Junior Champs (2 days of SG, 2 days of GS and 2 days of SL for 16 years and older - both genders) / JHMR

Gate judge: 

For Alpine racing Gate judge is the most needed volunteer position. Please look at this video for duties of Gate Judge:

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