Alpine August Newsletter

Mt Hood Summer Camps

Late June and early July JHSC Alpine program organized two camps at Mt Hood in Oregon. We had total of 22 JHSC athletes joining us and we also had 3 girls from Far West division with us. First group (U10-U14) spend 5 days on snow (we had to cancel one day due to wind), second group (U16 and FIS) spend 6 days on snow. On snow we mostly worked on fundamentals off and on course, we did mountain biking, played soccer, Ping Pong and had a lots of fun. 

Coach Jenny playing Ping Pong with athletes

Afternoon pool "recovery"

On skis we spend hours and hours focusing on proper athletic stance (ankle and knee flexion, hips up and forward, wide stance, etc), use of all four edges, being on down hill ski, quiet upper body, pole plant, etc. We did drills while free skiing, with stubbies and brushes and in gates. 

Sam Clausen ripping stubbie course

Sophia Tozzi in SL course

Nick Jensen "WOW"

We are planing to organize two more camps before Snow King opens. We are working on going to Colorado in late October and early November.


Holden and Oliver Parazette qualifying for National Development Group

Holden and Oliver Parazette joined National Development project at Mt. Hood with other best 14-20 years old skiers from US. They are also invited to projects in Chile and Europe this summer and fall. 

Holden and Oliver in Mt. Hood this summer

Oliver and Holden helping young JHSC athletes at dryland in Mt. Hood



We are still running our year round dryland from Monday to Thursday. Right now is available free of charge to our U16 and FIS athletes. We are meeting every morning at 8:30am at Snow King.
We will have our annual conditioning testing before school starts.

Deep squat - Alpine skier


Upcoming Events

Wednesday September 19th - JHSC Internal Equipment Night
Monday September 24th - Ski Equipment manufacturers Fit Night
Saturday September 29th - Black Tie, Blue Jeans Ski Ball
October 19-20 - JHSC Ski Swap
October TBD - Boot Alignments and Fitting with Matt Schiller
Late October/Early November - JHSC Colorado Ski Camps