Alpine April Newsletter

It's a wrap (Almost)!

We pulled it off (There are still some programs that are in Championships season)!!! In September/October we were contemplating if we will even be able to have a season, now we can all be proud that we pulled off an amazing season. 
We had all of our programs at full capacity, all our events went by flawlessly, and we had no known COVID-19 transmission at the club. 
Thanks to all families, athletes, volunteers, coaches, and the Jackson community who helped us make this happen. 

End of the year survey: 

We would like to hear from you, please let us know how we did it. Here is the link to survey: LINK

End of the year awards: 

As a club we decided that we will not have any end of the year gatherings in person, but we decided that we will still recognize our athletes: 

2Day team: 

Athlete of the year - Joshua Khusainov and Charlotte Davis
Most Improved - Alet Japel
Sportsmanship - Kaiyoshi Okuma

U10 team: 

Hardest Shredder: Zach Lighthart and Phoebe Ferris
Most Improved: Skylar Patridge and Sullivan Brown
Sportsmanship: Will Lynch and Mia Grohne

U12 team: 

Athlete of the Year: Taryn Moe and Charlie Ryan
Most Improved: Jane Carey and Hayden Robinson
Sportsmanship: Finley Peightal and Bard Barnett

U14 team: 

Athlete of the year: Taylor Moe and Liam Logan
Sportsmanship: Lucy Wirth and Brett Lane
Most improved: Catherine White and Whit Hall

U16 team: 

Athlete of the year: Cam Prichard and Avery MacMillan
Most improved: Bradford King and Madison Kramer
Sportsmanship: Noah Parazette and Tegan Ritter

JHSC Alpine FIS Team taking SEVEN athletes to US Nationals

Our FIS team is getting closer to the end of the season and athletes are all over the US competing in Championship events. 
By the end of of April our FIS team will travel to Steamboat CO, Aspen CO, Snowbird UT, Squaw Valley CA, Mammoth CA. 
One of the biggest success stories of the year will be that JHSC is sending SEVEN athletes to the US Nationals in Aspen CO. Athletes will participate in all disciplines from April 5th to April 16th. JHSC athletes attending 2021 US Nationals:
Oliver Parazette
Bridger Harrison
Wyatt Hall (not in the photo)
Annaliese Fleck
Sophia Tozzi
Paige Doyle
Resi Stiegler

Summer 2021 Mt. Hood Training Camps

  • Camp 1: (U10, U12) June 26 - July 1 - No lodging; $1,200 if register before April 30th; $1,300 after April 30th

  • Camp 2: (U10, U12, U14) July 3 - 8 - No Lodging; $1,200 if register before April 30th; $1,300 after April 30th

  • Camp 3: (U14, U16, FIS) July 10 - 15 -  $1,650 if register before April 30th; $1,750 after April 30th

  • Camp 4: (U16 & FIS) July 17 - 22 - $1,650 if register before April 30th; $1,750 after April 30th

  • Camp 5: (U16 & FIS Slalom) August 14-19 - $1,650 if register before July 31st; $1,750 after July 31st​​

  • More info:

  • Deposit: $500

In May we will go to Snowbird on two weekends to train SL. We will invite athletes that were 2nd year U14 this year and older. We are still waiting on some details. 


We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who volunteered this season. Volunteering is essential for our Alpine program. For us to make sure we can host quality home events, so that athletes can use home hill and sleep in their beds we need volunteers and this year again we had so many who stepped up and worked countless hours. 
We are planing to host an event this spring or summer for our volunteers. Stay tuned for more info

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