Canadian Strength Test

Canadian Strength Testing Protocol

In order:

  1. 1 minute: Pull-ups: pronation grip (back of hands facing you); grip wider than shoulder width to allow 900 angle when upper arms are parallel to the ground; legs bent at knee level is allowed but no swinging with the legs allowed during pull-ups; chin must be raised above the bar with each pull-up to score one rep.
  2. 1 minute: Rest
  3. 1 minute: Sit ups: knees bent at 900 and feet anchored; arms crossed in front with hands holding opposite shoulder; elbows must touch knees no further down than 10cm from top of knee to score one rep. ; lower tip of shoulder blades need to touch ground between each rep.
  4. 1 minute: Rest
  5. 1 minute: Push-ups: stand on hands just outside shoulder width; the upper arm must be parallel to the floor at the lowest point and full extension at the highest point; whole body must remain fairly straight through the test.
  6. 1 minute: Rest
  7. 1 minute: Box jumps: feet together top of box at 16 inches (40 cm) off the ground; more than half of feet length must land on the top of the box so there is some pressure applied on the heels.
  8. 1 minute: Rest
  9. 1 minute: Dips: grip and arms motion as with push-ups; arms and feet elevated off the floor.