Bridger Stiles


High School: Jackson Hole High School

Total years spent with JHSC: 7—since sixth grade when I moved to Jackson from West Yellowstone. 

Favorite moments in the Club: 

During 6th grade, I moved to Jackson and began making friends with everyone in the club and attended my first ever travel races. In a race in 7th grade, I fell and Mason Wheeler passed me and on the way by me said “haha!” About 15 seconds later Mason also proceeded to fall on his face, so I passed him back and laughed at him too. 

8th grade year: training on the Prep Team with the “six pack”: Wiley, Chloe, Dori, Ruby, Sara, and I. 

Freshman year at Junior Nationals in Anchorage, Alaska, when Sammy Smith got her race suit burned from the Opening Ceremony sled dog torch parade. 

Another—not sure which year exactly it was—we built a course through the trees going down grunt and Will Wicherski, towards the end of the course, jumped off of a rock and knocked himself out on the trail in front of all the juniors. 

Freshman year at Bend Camp the “brawn tub” which was the nickname for the hot tub water which turned more green throughout the week. 

During fall camp in West Yellowstone my sophomore year living in “the pit” and making turkey noises at every person we passed on the trails on Thanksgiving. During Junior year, the many hours spent at Trail Creek during the Jackson home Thanksgiving camp, due to Covid, and the days where there was lots of powder that were spent doing flips off of a retaining wall. 

Senior year the hot chocolate, sea shanties, and other adventures at Togwotee camp as well as the daily movie nights at Senior Nationals and the final trainings with all of my greatest friends I have made through, or helped bring to, the club. 

Future Plans: I will be skiing at Colby College in Waterville, Maine, where Natalie O’Brien and I will be teammates for another four years.