Sarah Gall

Freeski Progression Coach

Sarah is a freeride snowboard coach who helps young athletes safely level up all the skills and abilities required to create awesome memories riding down mountains, because progression is the soul of snowboarding.

Before moving to Jackson in 2020 to build the Natural Selection Tour Course, Sarah worked a number of part-time jobs while studying and earning her BS in Kinesiology from Oregon State University-Cascades in Bend, Oregon. While studying, Sarah spent a few winters as Freeride Snowboard Coach for Mount Bachelor Sports Education Foundation and began to find her niche in the fitness industry after becoming a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. After finishing her degree, Sarah helped physical therapy patients overcome injuries and gym members get fit and strong, all while getting the fresh powder as much as possible. Sarah enjoys being a coach for the freeride snowboarding program because she loves to see kids light up after pushing their comfort zones out a bit and in return feeling proud of themselves for accomplishing something which previously scared them to do. She believes kids learn best when they’re granted the freedom to collaborate and choose their own adventures. Sarah hopes the time and energy she puts into coaching will in some way help kids grow into courageous, confident young adults who act out of love and acceptance as opposed to fear and judgment.

Sarah enjoys watching the clouds drift along the Tetons while the ever-shifting sunlight touches upon different aspects, creating unique mind-blowing sunsets and sunrises each day. She believes that living in the mountains pairs beautifully with sipping hot tea (matcha anyone?). While she is known for her love of yoga and the science of human movement, she is also crazy about looking into travel plans for snowboard trips and eating sweet potato fries. When you catch Sarah at JHMR, you may see her taking a break with her big thermos, doing a park lap, or hunting for untouched snow in the trees. Come say hi and tell me what your perfect day exploring the mountains looks like.