Matt Kwain

NGS Coach

There are few things that I want to do every day. When I wake up in the morning I ask myself, "do I want pizza or should I go skiing? Or do I want both?"

I adopted skiing later in life as a way to explore in the mountains. I love technical descents, surgical jump turns, and skiing long couloirs in waist-deep snow. Sometimes I might have more fun skiing when the conditions are harsh.


Sport Specific Background, Experience, and Roles:

Former competitor in the Telemark Big Mountain Freeride series.


Education, Professional Degrees, and Certifications:

I graduated from Prescott College with a B.A. in Adventure Education.

I've spent a lot of time seeking continuing education in snow science and wilderness medicine. I currently obtain a level II avalanche cert with plenty of time in the field. Throughout my guiding career, I have led trainings on risk management, group dynamics, and place-based education.


Personal Philosophy or Statement: 

I think that skiing is just a moving metaphor for how to live our best lives. It teaches confidence, teamwork, and self-reliance. Often it requires patience and practice but sometimes it can be loose and creative. Every day is a good day to put on the planks and see where they point you!