Julieta "Lyall"

NGS Coach


Sport Specific Background, Experience, and Roles:

  • Once won a ski freestyle ski competition in Chile.  I won first, second, and third place because I was the only one in my division.
  • I have been with the club for 7 years coaching NGS and eating french fries like a professional. 


Education, Professional Degrees, and Certifications:

Graduated with honors from day 1 of Elementary school until my last day of College. Still in ski club school.


Personal Philosophy or Statement:

“Life is good, who’s asking?”

My name is Julieta “Lyall”, I go by my last name Lyall because it rhymes with smile. 

I love to ski for the kids and the laughs. I’m always wearing a camouflage kit so good luck catching me on the hill!