Fern Comeau

Head Masters Coach

Living in and have been involved with the ski club for the past 14 years. Raced for the Sugarloaf Ski Team in Maine and was part of a program that eventually became the Carrabassett Valley Academy back in 1970/1973. CVA was established in 1975. Coached FIS level athletes for Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine 2005/2006. Coached the FIS level athletes for JHSC 2008 and running the Masters Program from 2008 to present. Attended college at Johnson State in Vermont 1974/75.

Credentials, Certifications, Highest Level of Competition reached:

  • Level 1 certification
  • Past Referee certification
  • Past TD certification
  • Was ranked top 25 in country in the discipline of Downhill,1973 while racing for the Sugarloaf Ski Team


  • Johnson State College Vermont BA degree.

Personal Philosophy or Statement:

  • Being honest and true to oneself and helping to bring out the best in each and everyone that I may encounter whether on the hill or off the hill.