Cristina Wiley

Cristina Wiley started coaching snowboarding for the Freeride Program in the 2016-2017 season at JHMR after two seasons working with ski school. She works with the groms, sharing a love for snowboarding and exploring the mountain with the next generation of Freeriders. This is her fourth winter in Jackson, and she keeps coming back for the awesome community and the unavoidable stoke for the mountains. 

Cristina grew up playing ice hockey in Massachusetts, and went on to play division 1 hockey for Boston University, where her team competed in two NCAA national championship games. She snowboarded for fun throughout high school and college, but it wasn't until moving out west that she switched from being hockey obsessed to snowboarding more seriously. Since moving to Jackson, she's started exploring backcountry riding, freestyle and local snowboard comps (Dick's Ditch!) and loves all of it.

Sport Specific Background:

  • USASA 100 coaching cert
  • AASI Freestyle Cert
  • AASI level 1 teaching cert
  • AASI Children's Specialist Cert


  • BA in Architectural Studies

Personal Philosophy:

Coaching matters to me because I was lucky to have a number of great coaches in my life, who taught me a lot about not just sports, but life in general. I think coaching is an opportunity to show young athletes the importance of being a part of a team, positive self talk, and self confidence. I work hard to make sure my athletes support each other and build a crew of enthusiastic young athletes and life long shredders. Specifically, I love coaching the lady shredders, because I've grown up playing male dominated sports, and there's nothing so awesome as a girl that has the confidence to hang with the boys!