Cat Krupka

U10 Coach

Hi! I am originally from Vermont, raised racing on the ice of the east until my family moved out to Colorado so that my youngest sibling could pursue racing in the west. This year I am parked in Jackson to get in some amazing skiing because I can’t be at college due to COVID-19. I go to school at Colorado College where I have actually started to race nordic. I am super excited to be joining the team as a U10 coach this season!


Sport Specific Background, Experience, and Roles:

I was raised in a ski racing family and attended GMVS in Vermont with two of my brothers, before transferring to Proctor Academy in New Hampshire to continue racing through the FIS level.


Education, Professional Degrees, and Certifications:

I attended Green Mountain Valley School (GMVS) and then went to Proctor Academy in New Hampshire for high school. I am currently a sophomore at Colorado College but am off for the year because of COVID-19.


Personal Philosophy or Statement:

The sport of ski racing is one of the toughest out there. Ski racing is about having fun. Very few other sports give you that same rush of adrenaline that makes it so addicting. It may be an individual sport, but I believe that the camaraderie you get from being on a team and the sportsmanship you learn has great value for the rest of your life. Everything I have taken away from the sport has helped me through today--hard work, commitment to everything I do, how to advocate for myself, how to support your teammates, the lessons are endless, and passion lasts forever.