Bailey Pugh

Bailey grew up in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, and started skiing when she moved to the beautiful mountains in 5th grade. She competed in Alpine and Nordic in High School but ended up loving free skiing without competition for her last year of high school. Some of Bailey's favorite memories are of telemark skiing to backcountry huts with family friends and skiing on big powder days with friends. In college, she worked at the Outdoor Program at Colorado Mesa University, guiding backcountry skiing hut trips, rock climbing, rafting, and backpacking. After college, she moved to Telluride, Colorado, to live in the mountains. In 2019-2020, Bailey coached the sixth grade Big Mountain Team; in 2020-2021, she coached first and third grade Team Gravity and ski P.E.

Bailey believes that coaching children in the unique and competitive world of skiing fosters individuality, freedom, and growth of character and self esteem. She has been coming to Jackson Hole for years, visiting many college friends, and she had an opportunity to move to Jackson and work for Teton Science School. She is excited to coach the Rockchucks this season and explore the beautiful Tetons.

Sport-specific Background

Telluride Ski & Snowboard Club Big Mountain coach


B.A. Liberal Arts in Elementary Education

Personal Philosophy

Live the Life you Love and Love the Life you Live.