Anna Gibson

Development Team Coach

Anna Gibson was born and raised in Jackson and is a long-time member of JHSC. Her parents, Les and Maggie (commonly known as the old Pearl Street Bagels people) enrolled her in her first alpine program as soon as she was old enough to participate. She pursued alpine racing for eight years and then made the decision to transition to the nordic program when she entered high school. Anna competed nationally for the next four years, before deciding to put her competitive nordic career on hold and chase after another aspect of her personal athletic achievement: her running goals.

Outside of coaching, Anna continues to push for these goals, as a member of the Track and Cross Country teams at the University of Washington, and as an aspiring competitive trail runner. You’ll likely also find her biking around the valley, ripping around at the Village, or planning her next “oh-man-that-was-the-longest-day-of-my-life” adventure.


Sport Specific Background, Experience, and Roles:

Despite taking a step back from racing, the nordic world couldn't get rid of Anna for long. Since graduating high school, she’s coached the Teewinot program, helped with summer training for the JHHS XC team, and JHSC Prep & Comp programs, and she’s back again this winter to play more, learn more, and coach more! 

Highest level of performance as an athlete: Junior National Champion 10km Classic, 2017. 3x Member of Junior National Champion Relay team, 2014-2016. Track National Champion at Brooks PR, 2017. 


Education, Professional Degrees, and Certifications: 

Anna will graduate this winter (2021) with a B.S. in Environmental Science and Terrestrial Resource Management from the University of Washington. She’s currently exploring furthering her education and plans to continue developing and applying her skills as a coach.


Personal Philosophy or Statement:

Whoever is having the most fun, wins! 

While a large part of the sport is discipline, I believe that each athlete should have the ability to shape their experience. Allowing athletes to take control of their training, understand the mechanics behind their training or race plan, and speak up to add their input makes the whole experience so much more fun for everyone involved!

All of my favorite coaches over the years (some of whom worked for JHSC) allowed me to take ownership of my training and my overall experience. As a coach now myself, I try to carry this spirit forward, in the name of having fun!