Amelia Volk

U14 Coach

I was raised in a big skiing family in Oregon with my dad being head of ski patrol so most every day of the winter was spent on snow from the time I was 16 months old. I picked up racing when i was 4 years old and fell in love with it and eventually went to Gould Academy to ski for them in Maine. My senior year of high school I relocated to Bozeman, where I raced for the local team at Bridger for a couple years. Taking a break from ski racing over the last year made me miss it even more and I decided I wanted to give back to the community and ended up deciding to coach for Jackson!

Credentials, Certifications, Highest Level of Competition reached:

  • Western Regionals

  • OISRA championships

  • Western and Eastern region FIS

  • SafeSport


  • Graduated from Bozeman High School

Personal Philosophy or Statement:

  • Have the most fun and you’ll be the best skier on the mountain!