Snowboard - Progression

The Progression team is designed for Snowboarders who wish to improve their all-mountain riding abilities.  This weekend-only program is designed to develop athletes' competence and confidence in the variety of technical terrain that is abundant in our region.  Terrain park fundamentals are a part of the program, but not the primary objective.  Progression athletes will train in a fun, creative, and motivated setting.  Fall strength & conditioning training is included and mandatory for athletes not enrolled in a fall sport.

This program is designed for athletes in Phase 3 of development.  The Progression Team has a multi-tiered focus.  Athletes will be refining fundamentals in order to ride the entire mountain, tackle steeps, natural jumps, small cliff drops, and man-made features in varied conditions.  Technical proficiencies and skill assessments will be a regular component of the training. 

Athletes will use trampolines to learn aerial maneuvers.  Eventually, these maneuvers will be brought to the snow and used in competition. 

On snow, training will be strength and endurance-based with a focus on regularly riding 10,000+ vertical feet per day. 

Skill Development Focus

  • Strengthen fundamental riding skills on groomed & in varied terrain
  • Competency in all-mountain terrain and conditions
  • Basic understanding of the elements of the IFSA 
    • Line Choice
    • Technique
    • Control
    • Fluidity
    • Style & Energy
  • Terrain Park etiquette & SMART Style
  • Air Awareness & Trick development
  • Rail/box slide basics

Recommended for grades 5 - 9

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Team News

05/26/2021 - 3:32pm
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04/28/2021 - 11:51am
JHSC Freeride Program
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JHSC Freeride Program
The Freeride Program was firing on all eight cylinders throughout March.  With our season being extended through April 10th, we’ve been busy training hard in the terrain park almost every and all practice! Lots of new tricks are being d