Progression Plus: Snowboard & Freeski

The Progression Plus Team is designed for both younger and older athletes who are serious about their freesking and snowboarding.  Progression Plus Team athletes will exhibit a high level of dedication to their personal riding and local competition.  Training will build upon established fundamentals in big-mountain freeride, halfpipe and slopestyle skills.   

USASA and IFSA certified Freeride Program Coaches will mentor and coach Progression Plus Team athletes during weekend and weekday training, and at local and regional competitions. The Progression Plus Team has a multi-tiered focus.  Athletes will will push their abilities and demonstrate the ability to tackle steeps, natural jumps, cliff drops, and man-made features in all conditions during training and competitions.  Technical proficiencies and skill assessments will be a regular component of the training.  Additionally, we do mid and end of season athlete evaluations based of the USSA's Developmental Matrix.   

*Fall Training is mandatory and summer on-snow training is highly recommended.

Skill Development Focus

  • Goal-oriented training
  • Self awareness in-regard to ability
  • Proficiency in all-mountain terrain
  • Mental composure in a variety of conditions
  • Trick development - Rails, Jumps, Halfpipe
  • Creating individual / signature style 
  • Competition strategy

Recommended for Grades 7 - 10

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