The FIS and Post Graduate program is for motivated U18 - U21 athletes working with a team of dedicated and highly-experienced coaches. The program is designed around the individual needs of each athlete to help them reach their full potential in their final years of training and competing as a junior athlete, or to prepare them for their move up to competing collegiately, at an international level, or the U.S. Ski Team. The program coordinates comprehensive training in physical conditioning, big mountain free-skiing, technical and tactical training, mental skill development, and world-class gate training on a consistent surface that only JHSC can deliver. Our goal is advancing each individual's skiing and racing skills to maximize their athletic potential, and to help build the discipline, drive, and determination for them to succeed in whatever arena they choose after ski racing. This program covers all aspects of competitive racing, training, and conditioning, in conjunction with an academic support program. The FIS program will train in the afternoons, with an early release from their respective schools. Those athletes not academically eligible for early release will train with the U16 team and travel with the FIS team. Year round dryland training is mandatory for FIS participants. Athletes will compete locally, regionally, and nationally at a level appropriate to their desire and ability, including Nor-Am, FIS, and USSA events.

Skill Development Focus

  • All-mountain skiing
  • Hill safety
  • They mastered balance, coordination, movement and athletic stance on skis. Athletes ski ALL terrains and ALL courses and ALL disciplines with adequate technic. Athletes mastered carving, usage of upper and lower body separation, usage of all four edges, cross blocking, maintain snow contact and pole plant. They are adequate with course inspection and line choices. They are getting polished in weight transfer, maintain turn shape, gliding, aerodynamics, jumping, self-feedback, tip pressure at start of the turn and control pressure thru the whole turn.
  • They are training variety of courses and course sets to work on different line choices and tactics. They work on stivoting, adjusting turn radius with edge angle, adjust pressure in the turn to maximize speed and they understand involvement of all body parts in process of skiing.

Team News

10/01/2019 - 10:15am
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Oliver Sanders
Mt. Hood 2019 Summer camp recap