SAS January Newsletter

Commitment and Teamwork

Last month, student athletes really tested their grit, moving from dryland to on-snow training, setting season-long and dream goals and plans with teammates and coaches for achieving those goals: we also see Commitment lived out by our coaches and program directors, who work tirelessly to create the best all-around educational experience for our student-athletes; by our staff and board, who work diligently to achieve our mission and vision, both internally and in our community; and by the families and volunteers who put in countless hours to keep our races and competitions running smoothly. Thank you, thank you to every member and to all of our partners in the Jackson Hole community who participate in and support the JHSC and our 500 student-athletes!


Here’s what some of our JHSC student athletes have to say about Commitment:

“Commitment is a very important part of my life especially in training as it is one of the values that helps me get out there on those harder days. It has not only played a big role in Nordic training but in my life in general. It helps build trust and can be a way to show your friends and teammates that you can show up when you need to but also when they need you to.” — Peter Warner, Nordic Comp athlete

“Commitment is going to practice day in and day out and staying positive and having fun no matter what the circumstances may be, such as having to keep roller skiing when we would rather be on snow…the fact we get to train at all is amazing…some kids don’t even have this opportunity!” — Colton Petsch, Nordic Prep athlete


“Commitment means being flexible and rolling with the punches, no matter where they come from.  Our team has been bounced around the world this fall looking for training. Our season started off in Europe for a 10-day camp, then Colorado for another week and a half, after waiting to see if Snow King would open for a couple weeks, our first race was cancelled and so we went back down to Colorado for a short 7 day camp. Due to forecasted weather conditions, we were forced to depart at 3:30 am the last day of the camp. The JHSC FIS team’s flexibility these past months shows just how strong our team’s commitment to the sport, and to the club is.” — Grant Hagen, 3rd-year Alpine FIS athlete

“Commitment means staying with what you’re doing and not leaving half way through. Freeride has taught me to not quit half way through things and staying with the program, doing all the competitions and hard work knowing it will make you better.” — Tor Brecker, Snowboard Progression athlete


"Commitment to me means sticking with something and not quitting despite facing challenges. Through the Freeride program, I’ve learned what commitment means, signing up for tournaments and going to all practices and doing them all with your best effort." — Olin Brecker, Snowboard Progression athlete


Congratulations to our Value of the month Award winners for December

These athletes have demonstrated impressive Commitment of their time and energy to their sport and to their teams:

Max Mercuri, Backcountry Program

Noah Hilke, Snowboard Progression

Porter Farren, Freeski Progression Plus

Elsie Hall, Nordic Comp

Jackson Mayer, Nordic Junior

Olin Hugo, Nordic Development

Jackson Bacon, Alpine U10

Max Clancy, Alpine U12

Tegan Ritter, Alpine U16


Alumni Spotlight: Read what JHSC Alum BB Hall, an undergraduate at Colorado College, has to say about Commitment:

How long were you in the Club - and in what program?

I skied for the club from 2011- 2018, through the Alpine FIS program.

What is one of your favorite memories/stories from your time with JHSC?

Most of my favorite memories include dance parties in the van or skiing powder at race venues. We definitely shared many laughs during all of those years.

The Value of the Month for December is Commitment: can you discuss what commitment meant to you during your time at the Club or how JHSC shaped your thinking about commitment more broadly? 

Throughout all of my years with the club, commitment was always a biggie. To me, a big part of commitment is finding balance. You can't be fully committed to one thing if you are not also honoring your other commitments. While I was very committed to my training schedule and ski racing, I also worked very hard in school to make sure I was able to travel to so many races without stressing too much. I think that my commitment to ski racing taught me many valuable time management skills that I am very grateful for today! Honoring my commitment to ski racing also instilled so much grit in me and all of my teammates: there were certainly moments that it was not easy. It taught me to follow through with my word and that sometimes the best things are hard!

What are you up to these days? in school, hobbies, other endeavors? Still skiing? :)

I am currently finishing up my degree in Psychology at Colorado College after taking a Covid gap year. I spent all of last winter coaching U12 for JHSC, which was so fun, and I really enjoyed contributing to the ski racing community in this way. It was really special for me to be on the coaching side, especially with my home club! I still love to ski, specifically in the backcountry, and also love to ride my mountain and gravel bikes.

BB Hall: racing for JHSC, setting course for U12s, and in the backcountry!


January is the month of Teamwork!

Perfect timing as we head into the heart of race and competition season: whether we’re working together in training, cheering each other on in competition, or helping out around the Club grounds, teamwork is at the core of JHSC. No one can do it alone! Teamwork represents all the ways, both big and small, that we work together and communicate in order to accomplish things far greater than we could accomplish alone. Supporting the success of others is as important as our own success. This is evidenced by our actions and daily practices and by understanding their effects on others.