The Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club (JHSC) would like  YOU to be a TEAM CHAMPION for the Jackson Hole Downhill.
The JHSC has been hosting one of the few (if not the last!) open, non-sanctioned community downhill races since 1982!   Last year we redesigned the entire event to be a high-powered, high-quality  celebration of the sport and community of alpine ski racing. The event is focused on raising funds to support JHSC’s aspiring young athletes.
The Jackson Hole Downhill is hosted at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort on a course designed with input from the renowned World Cup course developer and former JHSC Coach Tommy Johnston. The start is located at the Summit of the Teton Lift and proceeds down the Crags running just outside the boundary of Grand Teton National Park - the view is epic! The Downhill hosts ski enthusiasts and former World Cup athletes who enjoy having fun while going FAST. Event details are listed below.
We look forward to discussing your participation as a TEAM CHAMPION in this Jackson Hole legacy event.

Alison Sehnert
JHSC Executive Director
(307) 690-9844
Brittney Ziebell
JHSC Development Director
(603) 714-8087





  FULL WEEKEND SCHEDULE HERE (subject to change)
  Friday, March 12    Training Runs, Welcome Reception, Weekend Kick-Off Party
  Saturday, March 13    Training Runs, Community Race, Awards Ceremony & Celebration, Bib Draw, Banquet
  Sunday, March 14    Junior Race, Pro Race, Awards Ceremony & Celebration




There are 15 teams available consisting of five racers. If a TEAM CHAMPION chooses to race in the Jackson Hole Downhill (JHDH), they can either fill a position on their team’s roster or as an individual in the general pro field. Below are the required team positions:
  1. VIP”                 Former U.S. Ski Team, World Cup or other top competitor
  2. Master”           50+ (on race day)
  3. Junior”            U14-U19 aged athlete as defined by U.S. Ski & Snowboard Alpine Comp Guide 
  4. Wildcard 1”     Additional team members of any age or gender
  5. Wildcard 2”     Additional team members of any age or gender
“Wildcard” racer spots cannot be filled by someone who qualifies as a “VIP” until all Team VIP spots have been filled. 
Each team must have at least one female - in any category.




Become a TEAM CHAMPION for $10,000!          ...A “TEAM CHAMPION” can be a business, an individual, or a group.

Once a TEAM CHAMPION is established:
You then have first right of refusal of committed VIP racers, in the order of TEAM CHAMPION deposits received
  - or -   
You can solicit your own VIP racer and team members
It’s that SIMPLE!
Either way, JHSC and the Race Organizing Committee (ROC) will help solicit and build out the rest of the team, filling the (5) required spots, in consultation with the TEAM CHAMPION. This will ensure dynamic, diverse, and competitive teams representing the full spectrum of the alpine race community...from there you can arc ‘em or park ‘em!
VIP Racer Selections for TEAM CHAMPIONS
VIP Racer selections will be sent to the TEAM CHAMPION via email, TEAM CHAMPIONS will have a set window of time to reply. If no email response is received by the ROC, it is understood that the TEAM CHAMPION is keeping their original VIP Racer. Time periods for VIP Racer selection emails are as follows:
7am = Email notification … 1pm = Deadline to respond
1pm = Email notification … 7pm = Deadline to respond
7pm = email notification … 7am = Deadline to respond
** If TEAM CHAMPIONS are recruiting their own VIP Racer - you must communicate with the ROC **




As a TEAM CHAMPION (business, individual, or group) you are directly supporting JHSC’s 500 kids in their journey to become Champions in both sport and life. JHSC can recognize your TEAM CHAMPION contribution in one of two ways:
If you would like your TEAM CHAMPION contribution to be a donation to the JHSC, it will be tax deductible. This option does not include any promotion or marketing of the TEAM CHAMPION and/or any businesses/brand. As a TEAM CHAMPION you may remain anonymous.
If you would like your business/brand to be promoted as a sponsor of the JHDH, your investment will be partially tax deductible. This option includes promotion of your business/brand through all JHDH event marketing.
For details on what Team sponsorship includes as well as alternative JHDH sponsorship opportunities contact Jeff Moran, jmoran@jhskiclub.org




Branko Zagar, JHSC Alpine Program and Race Director
Ali Sehnert, JHSC Executive Director
Jeff Moran, JHSC Chief Marketing Officer
Brittney Ziebell, JHSC Development Director
Nicolette McIver, Student-Athlete, Office & Marketing Coordinator
Jess McMillan, JHSC Alumni and JHMR Events and Partnerships Manager
Seppi Steigler, JHSC Alumni and current JHSC Head FIS Coach
Andrew Byron, JHSC Alumni, former JHMR Race and Events Manager
Jason Moore, JHMR Race and Events Manager
Jim Coleman, JHSC Board Member/Alpine Task Force and long-time Downhill competitor
Rick Hunt, JHSC Alumni, long-time Downhill competitor, and 15 year Downhill title sponsor (Fish Creek Excavation)
Adam McCool, Long time Downhill sponsor (JH Cycle & Saw), and the only person to race in every JHSC Downhill since its founding in 1982!
Aaron Pruzan, JHSC Parent, long-time Downhill competitor, and JHSC sponsor (Rendezvous River Sports)




This person is the direct contact for Team communications and will receive complimentary entry to JHDH parties.
Please upload your Team Logo. If you do not have a Logo yet, it can be uploaded at a later date.
Files must be less than 2 MB.
Allowed file types: pdf.
If you are unsure of which option to select, please see the "Marketing and Benefits to the Team Champion" section above.
If you plan to solicit your own VIP Racer and/or Team members, you MUST communicate your intention to do so. The ROC will assist all teams with finding members if your roster is not filled closer to the race date.
I PLEDGE $10,000 to the JHSC to establish a Jackson Hole Downhill team, and I understand that the JHSC and the Race Organizing Committee will work with me to secure the best team possible. 
By digitally signing this document, I acknowledge that I have carefully read this entire document and I understand and agree to the terms and conditions. Your status as a Team Champion is established once this signed contract and a 50% deposit are received by JHSC.
Your status as a Team Champion is established once this signed contract and a 50% deposit are received by JHSC. For additional payment options please contact Ali Sehnert.