Student Athlete Support

The goal of the JHSC Student-Athlete Support Program is to foster long-term athlete development by assisting student athletes in balancing academic and snowsports education. In line with the Club's mission, we equip students with a toolkit to pursue personal excellence in skiing and snowboarding and in their intellectual, social, and educational pursuits. Through regular communication with families and with county school administrations, JHSC study halls, sport education, and college and post-graduate counseling, we foster an integrated approach to students’ athletic and academic careers. By partnering with Teton County schools to develop year-round programming, we ensure that athletes can pursue both a rigorous academic schedule and high-caliber athletic training and competition. The Student-Athlete Support Director, Grace Tirapelle, collaborates closely with the Executive Director and the Alpine, Nordic, and Freeride Program Directors and coaches to integrate goal-setting, time-management, and citizenship skills into athlete education and to ensure student athlete success on and off the hill.

Please contact Grace at with any questions and for school scheduling information. 


JHSC Class of 2019

This month, we are proud to celebrate seven student athletes moving on from JHSC as they graduate from high school or complete a PG year with the Club. The entire JHSC family congratulates you on your many academic and athletic accomplishments and wishes you the best in your future endeavors!!


Reed Carlman, Nordic Program

Jackson Hole Community School, Class of 2019

Years spent with JHSC: I’ve been with the Club since I started with the Devo team, and I consider myself extremely fortunate to have grown up with the support of the team and coaches. I cannot stress enough how valuable an influence the Club has been as I struggle to come of age in the Valley! I will be forever grateful.

Future Plans: I will attend Bowdoin College in Maine, but not before deferring for a year and traveling to Uruguay to intern with Amigos de las Americas, New Zealand to work though Workaway, and Australia to volunteer through WWOOF.

Favorite moments in the Club: As far as notable accomplishments go, I have few. Favorite experiences include silently skiing in perfect sync for an hour or two while in West a few years ago, any time spent with Filardo or Scott, and the classic race in Bogus this past year.



Andie Cornish, Nordic and Alpine Programs

Jackson Hole High School, Class of 2019

Years spent with JHSC: I have been in the club for 11 years total. I was in Alpine through my 10th grade year, in the U16 program.  I skied on the Nordic Comp team for my 12th-grade year.

Future Plans: Next year I will be attending the University of Vermont to run cross country and track!

Favorite Memories in the Club: I have so many club memories as I was with two different teams, so I think my favorite overall memory was being able to see both the alpine and the Nordic side of JHSC and being accepted by the Nordic team while having skied alpine for the last 10 years of my life. I met so many incredible people and had such an incredible time on both the alpine and Nordic teams.



Annabel Hagen, Nordic Program

Jackson Hole High School, Class of 2019

Years spent with JHSC: I’ve been on the JHSC Nordic team for the past ten years and have loved every year!

Future Plans: Next year I plan on joining the Division I ski team at Harvard. I’m thinking I want to go into sports medicine or something on that track, but who knows what will happen after Organic Chemistry.

Favorite moments in the Club: In terms of the most memorable moments, there is no way I can narrow it down. From running into ten moose in the woods to being pulled back up the hill behind a snowmobile to BB Gun Biathlon as a Teewinot, there is no way to cover all of the incredible experiences I’ve had while being part of the JHSC. My most notable sport accomplishment is being on the podium at Junior Nationals in 2018. Big thank you to all of the coaches and JHSC for making things like that possible!


Henry Hakoshima, Alpine Program, PG year

Jackson Hole High School, Class of 2016

Years spent with JHSC: 13 years

Future Plans: I am weighing my options between a couple of schools for next year. I plan on continuing my ski racing career at the school that I choose. I would like to major in Environmental Science.

Favorite moment from this season: winning my first FIS race in Squaw Valley (above photo).

Notable achievements: I was JHSC Skier of the Year in 2017.



Will Mercer, Freeride Program

Jackson Hole High School, Class of 2019

Years spent with JHSC: I competed for 4 years with the Snowboard Team

Future Plans: I will attend Westminster College to study Sports Management

Notable awards/honors: 2019 recipient of the JHSC “Pardee On” Award; 2018 JHSC Most Outstanding Snowboarder Award; first JHSC athlete ever to qualify for the Freeride Junior World Tour Championships in Kappl, Austria, 2018

Favorite JHSC memory: Going to Austria for the Freeride World Tour


Holden Parazette, Alpine Program, PG year

Jackson Hole Community School, Class of 2018


Years spent with JHSC: 13 years

Future Plans: I will attend Middlebury College and ski on their Alpine team

Through my 12 years at JHSC, I have developed into the person I am today. My time there gave me numerous role models that showed me how to have fun while working hard and be a decent human. While I will not be as involved with the ski club in the future, I look forward to keeping in contact with coaches and the program through and beyond college. I am grateful for the opportunities that the ski club has awarded me and hope to one day give back with the experience I have gained.


Sam Roubin, Nordic Program

Jackson Hole Community School, Class of 2019

Years spent with JHSC: 5 years in the Nordic Program

Future Plans: I will attend Middlebury College this fall

Favorite JHSC memory: Staying in the big house with the whole team at Soldier Hollow

Teton County School District #1

The Club partners with the administrations of Jackson Hole High School and Jackson Hole Middle School to develop academic scheduling that maximizes student time both in the classroom and on snow.

At JHHS, the Early-Release Program carefully considers the needs of student athletes by grade and sport and allows for early release for athletes in good academic standing from mid November through the end of their competitive seasons. Nordic athletes may release at 3:10 on Wednesdays and Fridays in September-November for dryland training and at 2:40 in the winter months for training at Trail Creek Nordic Center. Alpine and Freeride athletes may release between two and four days/week in the winter season depending on their program level. For details by grade, please see the JHHS-JHSC Programming document. 

In order to be eligible for Early Release in November, JHHS students and parents must sign and complete the following Early-Release Contract and Records Release and submit them to the Assistant Principal, Dan Abraham, ideally by November 1. Students will not be eligible for early release until the forms are submitted:

JHHS Early-Release Contract

Authorization for Records Release


At JHMS, students are eligible for early release from November 19, 2018-March 22. 2019. Students release on training days at 2:55, near the end of their 5th class session, and they are excused from FLEX on training days. On non-training days, student athletes are expected to attend their entire FLEX period. Further details about the program and student-athlete expectations are available here.

Jackson Hole Community School

The Jackson Hole Community School is committed to helping student athletes benefit from an exceptional academic experience while simultaneously pursuing their athletic goals at the highest level. In order to do so, they continue a tradition of consistent communication with JHSC to foster an understanding of each student-athlete's unique needs and goals. They offer JHSC athletes a number of scheduling and support accommodations, including 

  • Early-morning CORE classes to ensure that students can attend all of their core classes every day
  • Guaranteed free periods for the last two periods of the day with the possibility of even greater flexibility throughout the day
  • Acceptance of credits from online institutions, should students choose to take an online course
  • Personal support and flexibility for each student athlete to develop a strong academic schedule that works well with his/her athletic commitments
  • A school administration that is supportive of students balancing high-level ski racing and rich, challenging academics

For prospective students, please discuss your student-athlete's scheduling needs with David Heinemann, JHCS Registrar, in the spring. The club works closely with David to review individual schedules and ensure that both the Club and School can support student-athlete needs. 

Journeys School

The Club and the administration of the Journeys School work with individual families and students to create the best possible academic and training schedule for student success. Early release for training is an option for students in grades 6-12, dependent on student class schedules. Students use study halls scheduled early in the school day to communicate with teachers about class material missed for race and competition travel. Since the 2015 winter season, the school has offered a Winter Term to Alpine athletes training a minimum of 3 days/week. For more details on scheduling options, please contact Grace Tirapelle and/or your school counselor.  

College Counseling and Support

The JHSC Academic Support Program works closely with the Program Directors and coaches to offer guidance for student athletes as they make their post-high school plans. In the summer and fall of the senior year, we meet with student athletes to learn about their goals and explore colleges and sport programs that fit their athletic and academic goals, as well as campus life and geographical preferences. The Skiing Pathways After High School chart provides an overview of the coaching and training, costs, age and typical USSA point requirements, and scope of alpine competition programs. The list of USCSA Colleges and Programs includes contact information for freeski and snowboard programs. 

The following lists include the contact information and point averages for USCSA and NCAA Division I programs. 

For more information on the college eligibility process, see the NCAA Flowchart for Initial Eligibility to view credit and course requirements or visit the NCAA website ( to learn more about the specific Division I, II, and III academic requirements.  

News and Updates

USCSA: Opportunities to Ski and Snowboard in College

As part of the USCSA National Championships, hosted by JHSC and Snow King Mountain Resort in March, USCSA Executive Director Alec Tandara-Kuhns and a panel of member coaches and athletes hosted an information night for interested JHSC families and athletes. The overarching theme of the evening was that within the organization's 170+ member schools, there is a place for any athlete who wants to compete in snow sports in college. From funded, coached, varsity teams to student-led Clubs, and with teams that train 4-5 days/week and those that exclusively attend weekend competitions, the USCSA's 8-week season includes participation from a range of athletes across the United States. President Andrew Rangan emphasized the importance of team scoring in USCSA and the experience of community that develops for member athletes. For more information, please visit

In-House Concussion Testing, beginning Fall 2019

JHSC requires all U14 athletes (YOB 2006 or before), and strongly recommends for all athletes, to participate in an approved pre-concussion assessment prior to on-snow training each season. This year, JHSC has partnered with Watershed Jackson (, which administered the King-Devick test on several dates in October at the JHSC offices. Find out more about the King-Devick system at:

Concussion testing by Watershed Jackson takes approximately 2 minutes per athlete. If you are interested in testing and missed the test dates, please contact Hayden Hilke at The cost is $25, which will be billed through an athlete's club account.


JHSC Class of 2018

We congratulate all of our senior student athletes graduating from high school and wish them the best in their future academic and athletic endeavors!

Helga Björnsdottir, JHSC Alpine, 2017-2018

Future Plans: Working on my knee after my ACL injury so that I can get back on the slopes as soon as possible

Favorite JHSC Memory: There are so many great memories with JHSC, but one that stands out is definitely the Town Downhill! That was my first speed event, and it was so much fun.

Favorite Quote: At this moment I’m working with the motto, "fall down seven times, stand up eight." 


Tait Bjornsen, JHSC Alpine, 2011-2018

Graduating from Jackson Hole Community School

Future Plans: Attending Saint Lawrence University in Fall 2018

Favorite JHSC Memory: Going to Mammoth for U16 championships 


Jack Burkitt, JHSC Alpine, 2006-2018







Graduating from Journeys School

Future Plans: Attending New York University in the Fall to study Film & Television


Alex Coosaia, JHSC Freeride, 2015-2018

Graduating from Jackson Hole High School

Favorite JHSC Memory: My favorite Club memories come from just spending time with the team

Future Plans: Attending Loyola Marymount University in Fall, 2018


Jack Cornish, JHSC Alpine; JHSC Nordic, 2012-2018

Graduating from Jackson Hole High School

Favorite JHSC Memories: Thanksgiving Camp at West Yellowstone and the 50km Rendezvous Race

Future Plans: Attending Middlebury College and planning to major in Environmental Studies


Owen Doyle, JHSC Alpine, 2011-2018


Graduating from Jackson Hole High School

Favorite JHSC Memory: Scoring Nor Am points in the Copper Mountain Nor Am SG.

Future Plans: Attending Montana State University in Fall 2018


BB Hall, JHSC Alpine, 2011-2018





Graduating from Jackson Hole Community School

Favorite JHSC Memory: The Beef Cup this year, in which we were all placed into teams of two and did a little competition during training.

Future Plans: Next fall, I will attend Colorado College, and I hope to major in Neuroscience or Psychology with a minor in Spanish. That is subject to change though. . .  

Favorite Quote: "It's hard to come back from a beheading" -Seppi Stiegler


Caleb Kern, JHSC Freeride Snowboard Team, 2013-2018

Graduating from Journeys School

Favorite JHSC Memory: The slopestyle comp this year at Targhee when it snowed 38" inches while we were competing

Future Plans: Heading to Colby College in the Fall

Favorite Quote: "Fire it up!" - Aaron Hallenbeck


Grant Menolascino, JHSC Freeride, 2014-15; JHSC Nordic 2017-18

Graduating from Jackson Hole High School


Holden Parazette, JHSC Alpine, 2006-2018

Graduating from Jackson Hole Community School

Future Plans: Made the selection to the US Western Regions’ elite “West Team” and is excited to pursue ski racing during his upcoming gap year.  He will take part in West Team projects as well as continue training FIS with JHSC for his 13th year.


Emery Rheam, JHSC Alpine, 2011-2018

Graduating from Jackson Hole Community School

Favorite JHSC Memory: Traveling to Spirit Mountain and Lutsen in Minnesota for races in 2017

Future Plans: Dartmouth College, class of 2022